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Japan Machinery Store (JMS)


  • Fabrication of Column & Vessel Trays as per specifications; manufacturing of tray bubble caps; manufacturing of column packing (Fleximax, Pal-rings, Raschig Rings)
  • Manufacturing of Mechanical Parts
  • Rubber lining and repairing of valves
  • Die-casting of Mechanical Parts
  • Molding of Mechanical Parts (Aluminum, Brass, Cast Iron, Bronze, Plastic, Etc.)
  • Re-molding of all kinds of Mechanical Parts
  • Manufacturing of Sacrificial anodes (Magnesium, Zinc)
  • FRP Channels and Tanks
  • Shaft and Impeller Repair
  • Repair & Overhauling of Anti-Rotating Devices (ARD)
  • Fabrication of Safety Swinging Ladders for Truck Loading Gantry (for Oil Refinery)